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Eclectic Norfolk Condo Remodel (Before and After Photos)

It is always fun to have a client who already has amazing pieces to work with from the start, and that was certainly the case for this project. The focus for this project was to highlight the special pieces the homeowner already had. When looking through the multitude of art this couple had, there was one that stood out to me in particular, which was this piece here:

This was painted by the wife of the client I worked with on this project. She is such an amazing artist; she certainly inspired me! I took this photo and used it as my inspiration for the entire condo. First, I started with the kitchen. I wanted to do a literal take on her art and have this photo remade into tile as the centerpiece for the backsplash. Here is what the space looked like before:

I worked with a local tile manufacturer, New Ravenna to recreate the clients art. They are such an amazing company, every artist there is a true artisan. What they do continues to amaze me. So, when this idea arrived, I knew I wanted them to do this project. Take a look at what they created when next to the painting:

Truly incredible. I wanted the cabinets and rest of the backsplash to harmonize with the texture and authenticity of this piece. I decided to go with a warm tone cherry cabinet to bring out those hues found in the tile mosaic. Likewise, I wanted neutrality with a palpable texture for the backsplash. I decided to use Winchester Tiles, a company that does handmade tile in England. I feel the tile selected was the perfect complement to the space. Take a look at the before and after of the kitchen:

Such a transformation! Space feels much more artistic, warm, and lively. The layout of this condo definitely has an open concept when it comes to the kitchen, living, and dining situation. An accent wall and live edge dining table were the only requirements for the dining space. I contemplated what material I would use for the accent wall and when I saw Island Stones stone 3D bamboo tile, I knew this was what I wanted to use. Take a look at the before and afters for the dining area:

Again, I just wanted to bring out the colors found in that egret painting/ mosaic. As I mentioned before, art was the driving force for this project. Although we had our major art pieces planned, serving as a mood board for each space, the floating art piece on this bamboo wall was a pleasant paradox. It was also surprisingly the most impactful piece for gluing the story of the homeowner to the space yet complimenting the design PERFECTLY.

This photo was purchased during the remodel phase of this project. The homeowner found it and we agreed it should be the centerpiece of this focal wall. If you look closely, there is a depiction of the Wisconsin, and the Pagoda side by side. Geographically, this condo is placed right at the corner of Nauticus, which is where the Wisconsin resides, and the Pagoda. It was certainly the perfect piece as the colors and location were perfect for this project. But there is more to it.

The husband worked in the navy for many years while his wife pursued her own art career, including being the art curator at the pagoda for 25 years. Her husband also helped her install art rods to rotate the art every so often. This was a detail we used in the hallways adjacent to this accent wall, furthering the connecting to the story of this beautiful family.

Down the hallway to the right, we arrive at the guest bathroom. Here is a photo of before. Very builder grade lacking in warmth or any tangible design element:

This space would be used primarily by the wife. For function we used a linear drain and large format tiles (2' x 4'). The goal for this bathroom was harnessing the duality of simplicity and strong impact. Geodes and ethnic masks were prevalent in the homeowners' collection, and I wanted to bring that to the surface.

Let's take a close look at that Vogue Bay large format geode wall tile:

This space took such a transformation. Take a look below to see more photos from this project:

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