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350 Grace Design Journey (Before and After Photos)

Designing this restaurant was a very exciting project for me. The space use to be a Turkish restaurant I frequented when I was in interior design school. I would imagine how would I design the space if I was ever given the opportunity and years later I was given that opportunity!

When I went to the space for the initial consultation I was greeted with an empty shell and was given a brief from my client. For my first restaurant project I was going to be designing a modern, southern cuisine restaurant for a well known chef in the Hampton Roads area, Willie Moats. Willie has opened many restaurants in the past but never solely on his own financially. Due to this fact, the budget on this project was pretty tight. Nonetheless, I was up to the challenge!

I knew I had to use paint to my advantage for this project to give the most impact while remaining cost effective. As the space was being painted the once dull, uninspiring started coming to life. The vibrancy of the crisp blue and the sharp red began to energize the space and this is when I started to get excited for the completion of this project!

Fast forward to the completion of this project and voilà! The light fixtures, furniture, and decor is installed and up and the restaurant is completed! My dream finally came true and it turned out even better than I could've imagined.

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